Closes All Poker Applications when your VPN fails

Never worry about your VPN failing while you are on a poker site ever again. While VPN checker is running, it will monitor the strength of your VPN connection. If the connection is ever in danger of dropping, the checker will auto kill all poker or specified applications.

Download Now(764KB)


1. Open the VPN Checker application. Locate the "Start Button" and press it.

2. A box will pop up. Before entering anything, make sure your VPN is connected at this time. Then enter the IP address of the VPN. You can get this IP by going to when your VPN is connected.

3. Press the OK button. You should see on the VPN Checker ap that the System IP matches the VPN IP and that the Status reads "Connected". When you see "Connected" this means your VPN is being successfully monitored by Checker.

4. If the VPN is ever to drop while VPN Checker is connected, you will see the System IP number change. VPN Checker will recognize that the System IP is now different than the VPN IP it is supposed to be connected to. Checker will then proceed to shutdown/kill all poker applications running (Poker Stars,Titan Poker, Party Poker, Ladbrokes Poker) instantly so that no detection can occur. Checker can complete all this at a speed of 1/8 of a second.

The above version Checker 1.0 is free. For support or to hire us for a customized vpn checker please email

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